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Jul 10 | 8:00 pm




Special Event



Art Exhibit: Driven to Abstraction curated by Eric Allen Montgomery

Driven to Abstraction 

Curated by artist Eric Allen Montgomery


"Nonrepresentational, nonrealistic, nonpictorial, symbolic, impressionistic"... these are the words the dictionary use to describe ABSTRACT.

In art terms think of the paint spatters of Jackson Pollock, the twists and angles of Picasso, Monet's later waterlillies, the colour fields of Mark Rothko, to name a few. But also think of the world reflected and refracted in puddle or bent and morphed through a rain-streaked window, of streetlights and neon signs blurring by through a car window at night, of the undulations of tide-washed sand and the twists and turns of old wood grain, and of peeling paint and flaking rust. Even the real world can seem abstract and surreal. What do YOU think of, when Driven to ABSTRACTION? 

Join us in celebration & support of local aritsts featured in this breathtaking, thought-provoking, inspirational art exhibit.

Show opens WEDNESDAY, JULY 10th 8- 10pm

No cover

Stop by, take in the exhibit, meet the artists and if something speaks to you, you can purchase it with the help of the friendly eBar staff. 

The show will run until Saturday, October 5th at which time, it will be replaced with: