Event Times

Jun 14 | 9:00 pm




Music - Live




June 14th @ eBar (37 Quebec Street)
Doors 9:30pm – $12 – All Ages / LIC
Unfortunately eBar is not physically accessible (yet!)


Absolutely Free

Toronto’s Absolutely Free are a synth-filled krautrock journey unfolding in front of you. Celebrating the release of their new EP ‘Geneva Freeport’, Absolutely Free bring cascading synth lines & flowing guitar textures that bound forward over focused rhythmic exercises. Their new single “Currency” featuring Meg Remy from U.S. Girls is signature retro-synthetic Absolutely Free with a rhythmic, melodic urgency. Their first release since their debut LP in 2014, Absolutely Free are absolutely back to warp minds in a wash of pysch-synth explorations.

Badge Époque

Maximilian ‘Twig’ Turnbull is back. Best known for his work in U.S. Girls, Darlene Shrug, and The Cosmic Range, this new project features a crew of Toronto heavyweights (many of whom make up the core of U.S. Girls live band). This avant rock ensemble, dials in the dripping funk nods, feeling somewhere between a film score anti-vamp, a soul jazz vacation mix and a focused prog fantasy. With flute, congas, bass, drums, guitar and clavinet, this exciting new project pulls together densely packed grooves and 70’s psych influences into an unreal live performance.



TARXANAX is band and a multimillion dollar media juggernaut. With ample free time on their side, TARXANAX has quickly ascended to the highest planes of human consciousness. Next up for TARXANAX is guitar and drum based music with guitars. Guelph locals Joe King and Belt Sanderson conjure up cool sounds (wiggly air) and present it to you (the fans) as part of an ongoing human experiment involving communal gathering.

Unfortunately eBar is not physically accessible (yet!)