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Apr 30 | 8:00 pm




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General (all Ages)

Art @ eBar: New Exhibit Opening: FLEUR*ish


We're back! Quarterly rotating art shows are returning to the eBar. Come out and enjoy a pint or a cocktail while supporting some local artists.


This art show is put together thanks to independent curator & artist, Eric Allen Montgomery

Flowers of Life, Luscious Landscapes, Best Buds, Trees of Knowledge, and all manner of things GREEN and GROWING.

The magic of a new sprout pushing up from the ground, the golden-green glow of late summer sunlight through mature leaves, the silence and calm of a moss garden centuries old. Humming bees gathering precious pollen. Riots of colour exploding through city gardens, country meadows, autumn forests. Fractals, Sacred Geometries, and rituals of Life and living things. All of these are the matrix of the green world that surrounds us, and the basis of this next wonderful ART@ebar show.

47 artists from across southern Ontario and Canada have offered a delightful harvest celebrating the beauty of our green and growing planet. They’ve created over 90 works in traditional mediums like painting and photography, but have also branched out, so to speak, with sculptural explorations in embroidery and needle felted wool, laser cut wood and acrylic, altered natural materials, glass, and found object assemblage. From realistic and abstracted, to calmly soothing and mind-bendingly psychedelic, we hope you’ll enjoy the bounty.

FLEUR*ish runs from Tuesday April 23rd until Saturday July 6th, with opening night on Tuesday, April 30th, from 8 until 10pm.

Upcoming shows from ART@ebar are:
‘Driven to ABSTRACTION’ (July-Sept)
‘BLACK & WHITE (and red) All Over’ (Oct-Dec)

ACE (Art Craft Excellence) creative services/ memoryboxer@gmail.com

For information regarding this show and upcoming themed ART@ebar shows contact: art.at.ebar@gmail.com



Please contact ART@ebar curator Eric Allen Montgomery <art.at.ebar@gmail.com> for further information regarding this show and upcoming themes.