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May 11 | 7:00 pm




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The Searcher Group: Paranormal Expert Peter Roe

The Bookshelf's eBar presents: An evening with Peter Roe, paranormal activity investigator & author of Haunted Town Halls published by Quagmire Press.  

Join us for an evening of chilling tales and a Q&A with a member of renowned Canadian paranormal investigative team, The Searcher Group, on Saturday, May 11th at 7pm in the Bookshelf's eBar. Tickets are available now at the bookstore: $8 general, $6 seniors, students, members, $0 ghosts.

Almost every community has a town hall, or at the very least, a gathering place for the public. Find out why those spaces in particular are often hot-beds (or rather, cold spots) of ghostly activity! 

Do you believe in ghosts? No need! Believers and skeptics alike are welcome to attend this popular public presentation in celebration of Peter’s debut release, Haunted Town Halls and The Searcher Group’s 40th Anniversary!

photo credit: Quagmire Press Facebook page

Established in 1979 by Richard Palmisano, The Searcher Group is driven to advance the study of parapsychology. After all, who better to teach us about the past, than those who have gone before us?

As featured on the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, in five previous nonfiction publications and Reader’s Digest, The Searcher Group is not in the business of 'ghost-busting.' They work to discover whether a haunting is actually occurring, why it is happening, and by whom. Only then can the living find a way to co-exist with people-in-spirit existing just beyond our five-sense perception.

Read more about the team, their work, goals and other publications at The Searcher Group's official website (www.thesearchergroup.ca). 

Read the article "This Will Make You Believe in Ghosts" by Elena Gritzan (Broadview Magazine)


Tickets are available now at the Bookshelf's bookstore: $8 general/ $6 seniors, members & students /$0 spirits, ghosts, undead 

About the book Haunted Town Halls from the publisher Quagmire Press:

Town halls stand as tangible representations of community prosperity. They are gathering places for social interaction and serve as hubs for countless activities and events over many years. Should it come as any surprise that ghosts may call these familiar edifices home after they’ve left this mortal coil?

Join renowned Canadian paranormal investigation team The Searcher Group as they embark on a chilling―often thought-provoking―two-and-a-half-year Town Hall Tour, exploring the council chambers, courtrooms, prison cells, basements, auditoriums and theatres located within these iconic landmarks:
• A long-dead caretaker believed to be still doing his job is but one of several spirits the team encounters in a town hall saved from the wrecker’s ball
• A supposedly ghost-free town hall quickly proves to be anything but as a social hierarchy is uncovered, led by a spirit upset by the team’s presence
• A popular entertainment complex invites The Searcher Group to investigate reports of malfunctioning equipment and disembodied footfalls
• Reports of poltergeist-like activity in a rural theatre are overshadowed by the presence of a possible spirit portal and photographic evidence of…a Dementor?
• The prospect of a clearing ritual inside a still-active town hall provokes an otherworldly outburst that further enforces the team’s position regarding “ghost-busting”
• In the heart of Ontario’s capital, dozens of curious guests watch as The Searcher Group joins them on a tour of Toronto’s first city hall. Do they detect something supernatural? It’s Hallowe’en after all―how could they not?

Maybe your local town hall is haunted too… (2017-06-29)


See you at the event... if you dare!