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Feb 20 | 7:00 pm




Special Event



Evil: The Science Behind Humanity's Dark Side

Why do we do bad things?

Join us in the Ebar for an evening with author Dr. Julia Shaw, discussing her newest book exploring the vile and violent sides of human nature.

Drawing on historical and modern examples, Evil examines topics as diverse as cyberbullying, mass murder, pedophilia and the role of money in bad behaviour.

A moderated Q&A will be followed by audience discussion and book signing.

Tickets: $8 general admission, $6 for members, students and seniors. Available in the Bookstore and at the door.



An original and scientifically rigorous exploration of the darkest recesses of the human mind.Darkness lurks in all of us. If not all of us do evil, we all contemplate it. What can science teach us about why humans think and do bad things? And what do our reactions to deviance teach us about ourselves?

Dr. Julia Shaw, a criminal psychologist, deals with the question of evil constantly. She comes from a world where people hunt monsters; where the police, lawyers and the public collectively take to their pitchforks and search for threats to society. In Evil, she uses the latest scientific research to offer a more enlightened and nuanced explanation for why people behave so badly and how we can prevent evil acts by understanding more profoundly how such acts come about--and what truly makes us evil.

Drawing together science, psychology and philosophy, Dr. Shaw grapples with thorny dilemmas from "Would I kill baby Hitler?" to "Why do I want to murder my spouse?" to give a better understanding of the world, yourself and your Google search history.



Dr. JULIA SHAW is the author of the international bestselling popular science book The Memory Illusion and a senior lecturer and researcher in the Department of Law and Social Sciences at London South Bank University. Her academic work, teaching and role as an expert witness focus on different ways of understanding criminal behaviour. Dr. Shaw regularly works as an expert witness in various jurisdictions to advise on historical sexual abuse and murder cases. She has delivered training workshops for the police and military and given guest lectures at business conferences and universities around the world. Her work has been featured in such outlets as the Discovery Channel, the BBC, CNN, NPR, Der Spiegel, Russia Today, The Times of London and New York Magazine . A Canadian citizen, Dr. Shaw has a BA from Simon Fraser University and a PhD from the University of British Columbia.

See you tonight!