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Feb 2 | 5:00 pm







Bill Murray's Groundhog Day is playing over & over & over again at the eBar!




February 2nd is the day where Canadians from coast to coast to coast turn to a rodent to predict the end of winter. This is because presumably, by February all rational thought has been deep frozen.

Legend has it, that if the groundhog emerges from its burrow, and sees its shadow on this one hope filled day, there will be 6 more weeks of ice-cold frigid snowiness. If the shadow is not seen by said rodent, spring is fast approaching. What is not noted in the legend is that this particular type of weather-rat is a liar. A dirty, hope-peddling, wretched liar.


The truth is, it's going to be cold until June.


Despite whatever this lying fur-bag sees or doesn't see. 

 Now, whether you believe the dirt-dwelling varmint or not, you can trust Bill Murray to warm your spirits. 

Brave the cold and come to the eBar for our very special back-to-back screenings of the greatest Groundhog Day movie ever made: Groundhog Day. We are going to be playing it on a loop, obviously.

 We'll have freshly popped popcorn with real butter available for purchase. The Big Jerk Smokehouse will be serving up delicious Caribbean food that you can enjoy while you watch the movie in the eBar. And we promise, the only thing cold will be the drinks. 




Doors at 5pm // Movie at 5:30pm

Then it will keep on playing over & over & over again until 9ish...

Pay What You Can/ entry is by donation