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Feb 17 | 10:00 pm




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BeatFreaks Present: Roy Davis Jr. & DJ Wes Green

Friends and family! BeatFreaks are BACK for Family Day!


After last years incredible Sunday night show, we knew that we wanted to share our music, passion, energy and vibe with the good people of the tri-cities, and we wanted to do it right. So, we thought we would invite the guy who took us to outer space and back with his 3 hours of magic.

Not only did he say yes, he upped the ante and invited one of Chicago's finest to come play with him. Guelph is about to get a double dose of Chicago HOUSE MUSIC!!!

The Return of... ★ Roy Davis Jr - West Palm Beach FL - Defected, Undaground Therapy Muzik & Clone 

 ★ DJ Wes Green - Chicago USA - Octagon ★

Alongside our very special guests, we do it to it with mainstays in the Guelph House, Techno and Percussive scenes. Our local talent brings years of experience to the decks and the drums, and we are extremely excited to warm up the eBar in advance of this house music legend.

Main Room: The ShiKing ★ BeatFreaks ★ Feelin Deep

Edwin the Cat ★ BeatFreaks ★ Soul Kitchen ★ Feelin Deep


imgae from BeatFreaks FB page

Deeno ★ BeatFreaks ★ Guelph House Music ★ Feelin Deep

Greenroom: A special 2 hour extended set by...
Dj Koala ★ BeatFreaks ★416 Design ★ Feelin Deep
Dj Flawless ★ BeatFreaks ★ Feelin Deep

Featured Percussionists and Drum Masters:
JP Bertoula ★ HOV
Will Ford ★ Mambo Nation

Roy Davis Jr. was introduced to dance music in the late 1980’s by legends as DJ Pierre, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Marshall Jefferson and Lil’ Louis. Davis began mixing when he was 13, mixing breaks, disco and then years later, house, techno and acid

The big turning point for Roy Davis Jr. was in 1993. While in college he was asked to work as and A&R scout for Strictly Rhythm in NYC. Once a member of the group 'Phuture' Responsible for producing 'Rise From Your Grave' and 'Inside Out', He went out to the East Coast weekly, and was subsequently hired to start his own sub-label called Red Cat records. A few years later Roy Davis and singer-songwriter Peven Everett released 'Gabriel' in 1996 on Large Music and XL Recordings, the record then went on to sell over 200,000 copies and reach #22 in the UK Charts. The record was and still is hailed by some for kick-starting the UK garage scene.

Roy's discography extends pass the successes of Gabriel with releases such as The Believers 'Who Dares To Believe In Me' 'Enjoy The Ride', 'Modjo Lady' 'Join his Kingdom' 'Next To Me' with Fred Everything and 'Rock Shock' licensed to Daft Punk’s label which also made it into a Alvin Ailey Broadway Musical by the name of 'Grace', Roy Davis Jr was the only Artist to this day who was signed to Thomas Bangalter’s Label Roule out of Paris he then went on to release records such as 'All I Do' on Omar-S' label FXHE and 'Under Tha Sun' released on Downtown 161. Besides Roy's long standing dedication to underground dance music and touring throughout the world as a DJ, Davis has also created records for Eric Benet/Faith Evans, Mary J. Blidge, Seal, Patti LaBelle, Terry Dexter, Christina Milian and Morcheeba.

Seven albums deep and hundreds of records to his name Davis continues to innovate a sound which is so integral to Chicago's history. Recent collaborations with Zed Bias on SWAMP81, a recent reissue on Dutch label Clone and continued touring throughout Europe and and the rest of the world goes to prove Roy is not afraid to experiment in an ever changing world of house and techno. Roy Davis Jr. has re-launched of his inaugural label Undaground Therapy Muzik  while always at work in the studio!

Past Albums:
'The Secret Mission' - Power Music
'Soul Electrica' - Peacefrog
'Traxx From The Nile' - Bombay
'Water For Thirsty Children' - Nice & Smooth
'Chicago Forever' - Ubiquity
'God, Life, Music' - Nice & Smooth
'Destroy & Rebuild' - Mile End



Hot summer days in Chicago spent in the house making pause button tape mixes. I was 13 years old and listened to the Hot Mix Five every Friday. I moved to 70th and Chappell and met Steve Poindexter. We started working on tracks. I spent 6 months making sounds for Computer Madness on my CZ-101. We put together an EP with Work That Mother Fucker, Chillin With The P and Computer Madness. After the release of the EP I got out of the game and went to school. In 2014 I met Roy Davis Jr. He told me he loved my work and convinced me to get back in the game. After a few months I bought some new equipment and created Unconditional Love and released it with the 312 House Society. Today I have new release coming out on Octagon Records.