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Oct 18 | 9:30 pm




Music - Dj



Delta Will, Softside & Kitzl

Delta Will's eclectic songs explore many facets of the human condition, navigating between serene contemplative moments, and massive psychedelic explosions of sound. After touring their debut LP Weathering throughout 2016, Delta Will are back with Multitudes I, the first in a 3-part series of EP's.

Softside makes Tender music. Softside’s debut 2017 EP ‘Lower Hands’ introduced a new, warped R&B sound characterized by complex harmony and brutally honest lyrics. Softside will make you feel sad, sexy and weird in all the best ways.

Kitzl makes really good weird electronic music. None of it is released yet so you'll have to come check it out.

Music @ 9:30
$10 at the door