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Sep 13 | 8:00 pm
Jan 24 | 8:00 pm




Special Event


General (all Ages)

Art Opening (Another Look)

We're back! Quarterly rotating art shows are returning to the eBar. Come out and enjoy a pint or a cocktail while supporting some local artists. For information regarding this show and upcoming themed ART@ebar shows contact: art.at.ebar@gmail.com

“After a short hiatus ART@ebar returns, with a retrospective of a few of my favourite works from those first 20 shows, with over 30 of the original 200 artists in this exhibition. In a few cases my favourite piece from a particular artist was no longer available and they have offered new work, but for the most part you are seeing “another look” at work that has already graced the walls at the eBar. 

I hope that you’ll enjoy viewing this new show, and the shows to come, as much as I enjoy selecting and hanging the work. We’ve an amazing artistic community here and it’s an honour to showcase it, especially here at the eBar, which along with the Bookshelf bookstore and cinema, holds it’s own special place here in Guelph’s heart. My thanks to the Minett family and the wonderful eBar staff for the opportunity to once again present the ART@ebar shows.”